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Address:Wujin district town Changzhou city
Zip code:213101
About us
Changzhou Yulan adhesive tape Co., Ltd. and  Henan Yulan Photoelectric co., Ltd. are companies specialized in PE surface protection film, PVC / PE electrostatic protective film, PET LCD protection film, solar panel, automotive glass, curtain wall glass explosion-proof membrane series product design development, production sales of large-scale high-tech private enterprises. The company's products are widely used in profile, ceilings, stainless steel plate, color steel plate, aluminum composite panel, fire board, decorative board, glass, curtain wall, dust purification, solar battery, LCD screen, touch screen, automotive and other industrial and civil fields, protection products from pollution, rot muddy, scratch, thereby improving the quality of products. Customers throughout the Asia-Pacific, Middle East, Europe, North America, more than 20 countries and domestic various provinces and cities, is renowned at home and abroad and the domestic industry the most powerful enterprises in one.
  Company headquarters is located in the beautiful scenery of Taihu Binjiang South Township——Changzhou Town, to celebrate the industrial zone, sea land and air traffic is very convenient, close to the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway, the Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway north of Yangtze River waterway; trust; East from Wuxi Shuofang airport 25 kilometers, West to Changzhou Benniu airport 20 kilometers, traffic is very convenient.
  At present the company has two factories located in Changzhou, set up under the PE film factory, PET electronic film factory, the first coating, second coating workshop workshop, printing workshop, composite material workshop, glue workshop, and Hongkong and Guangzhou branch. The existing international advanced high-speed coating production line eight, double-sided tape coating production line two, top spin three layer co agent two film blowing machine backspin three layer co Agent five film blowing machine and high-speed six-color printing presses, high-speed laminating machine, multi-function machine, fully automatic film cutting machine and other equipment. The production of various types of high-grade respectively average level and protective film to adapt to different customer needs, and in Hongkong and Guangzhou branch is committed to foreign and southern customer business development.
  The company focused on R & D and technology innovation. Since long ago, the company with many domestic famous universities, research institutions and active cooperation of universities, and form a strategic alliance, continue to develop all kinds of popular protective film of new products, and always maintain the technological content of products and technological level in the industry to be way ahead, and relying on excellent product quality and customer service in the international and domestic purposes, won the majority of customers a high degree of trust. So the company expands ceaselessly, business booming.
  We know the market competition essentially, no customer did not have the market, strict quality control standards, to meet customer requirements, our quality of work is the starting point and end-result. In order to strengthen the quality of products, the company took the lead in the industry to carry out and passed the ISO9001 international quality management system certification, established a systematic, perfect quality control system and after-sales service network. < br / >Yulan company will continue to uphold customer-oriented, the quality of the first business philosophy, adhere to the talent, the operating principle of continuous innovation, recruit more capable personnel, forge ahead, determined to be China 's protective film, feature film business do greatly strong!
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