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Anti-scratch, anti-glare protective film
〖 2011-09-06 | Click 2005 〗

The series is ultra-transparent protective film of polyester film (PET) plastic coating of special protection, the paste together the transparent polyester (PET) release film of the composition, and in the anti-glare inside the fitting at the PET protective film.

1 can effectively prevent the LCD screen scratching and wear;
(2) can effectively absorb part of the direct impact to protect the LCD screen;
3. Have a special anti-reflective, glare function, the external environment to eliminate 93% of radio light, strong glare;
4 auto exhaust, easy to produce bubbles, not falling;
5 HC surface treatment, hardness of 3H, the LCD screen effectively prevent scratches and wear;
6 surface AG treatment, 98% of the external environment to eliminate the reflected light, strong glare;
7 automatic adsorption, it does not produce long-term use of adhesive residue, after removal without leaving any traces;
8. The picture is more pure, eyes more easily, protect eyesight.
Used to protect flat panel display surface (glass, acrylic or PC material);
CRT, touch screens, mobile phones, digital cameras and PDA panel, electronic navigation displays, computer touch screen display and all kinds of screen savers.

Effective anti-glare, enhance color contrast, 93% reduction in the ultraviolet, reflecting damage to the eyes will be reduced to a minimum, such a protective film to protect the screen while protecting your eyes, double protection is your best protection paste choice.

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