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Solar battery backboard
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Product introduction

Firstbacksheet® series of the backplane is a specially designed for photovoltaic module provides a back protection multilayer composite material. The backplane of the inner and outer covering the surface of the fluorine material to the backplane provides long-term resistance to aging protection, Firstbacksheet r backplane unique structure design and the production process to make Firstbacksheet® series of backplane and EVA adhesive film, wiring box perfectly bonded together, but also has excellent aging resistance and electrical insulation properties. Companies in strict accordance with the ISO9001 quality management system of production, a stable and reliable quality.



Performance index

Properties Method Units BEC-303 BEF-302
Thickness GB/T6672-2001 um 290 320
Color -- -- white white

Heat shrinkage rate ( MD / TD )

ASTM D2305 % <0.3/1.0 <0.3/1.0

Peel strength between layers

GB/T 8808 N/15mm -- >30

The EVA peel strength

Q/HZF 001-2006 N/cm >90 >90

Partial discharge

IEC 60664-1 VDC 1046V 1046V

Water vapor transmission rate

ASTM F1249 g/m2day 2.5 2.3
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