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Aluminum ceilings PE protective film
〖 2011-09-05 | Click 1603 〗
Product Type: plastic film adhesive tape
Base film: PE
Adhesive: acrylic solvent or water-based resin adhesive
 1. High light translucent, no crystal point;
 2. Excellent ductility, suitable for severe shaping, bending, extrusion process. No film crack and deformation after machining.
 3, Special easy-peel adhesive, leaving no residue glue or trace on the surface of the protected products after removal
 4, Stable adhering capacity, very low unwind. no warp and bubbles after long term sticking;
 5, Good weather resistance, outdoor performance and stability.
 6. Color and print logo, trademark, advertising or technical information as customer requirements.
Applications: widely used in roller, grinding, nanometer, matte, high gloss surfaces and other types of aluminum ceiling, wall panel in the transport, storage and processing of the mold surface protection.
Specifications: Dimensions [length × width × thickness]: (500~1500) m × (100~1600) mm × (0.03~0.25) mm
Adhesive strength: 5-610g/50mm
Viscous force: ≥24h(40℃,1kg)
Color: transparent. (Color & printing as requirements)
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