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Self adhesive film
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Function: usually three co-extruded, and use self-adhesive on one side of the surface material without using adhesives, used in high value-added and of higher quality, non-adhesive permitted surface. Also called flexible film for its elasticity, high tensile strength, tear strength and puncture resistance and good resistance to vertical and horizontal two-way cold stretch, and the retraction of a larger, long-lasting tightening force, a single side or double-sided self-adhesive, moisture permeability and air permeability suitable. Self-adhesive sticky rely on its own, can be maintained long-term protection products and will not loose tension. Such protective film affixed to the surface of the product, protection products in the transport, the installation process is not stained, rotten and dirty, scratched, damage, improve product quality and avoid additional losses.
Substrate: ULDPE + EVA or POP
Typical structure of self-adhesive protective film
  Smooth layer Middle layer Self-adhesive layer
 Thickness rate 15~25%  50~75% 10~25%
 1, Excellent toughness: anti-puncture strength is three times the normal ULDPE, also has excellent dart impact strength. It can reduce the thickness of the product effectively.
 2, excellent optical properties: haze below ULDPE, and better gloss.
 3, odor and residue: no pungent acidic odor, low precipitation, no residue.
 4, excellent adhesive: Being used in the amorphous region, can provide a good adhesive. In addition, because the viscosity is determined by the structure of the material itself, so it will not change with temperature, humidity and other environmental factors change, and can be long maintained.
Thickness: 0.03mm-0.25mm (according to the request).
Width: 100 ~ 1700mm (can be customized on request)
Length: 100 ~ 2000M (according to request)
Printed: eight-color overprint (plate available upon request)
Adhesive strength: 5-610g/50mm
Temperature resistance: -40 ℃ ~ 60 ℃ / 150 hours.
Elongation: ≥ 250%
Self-adhesive film vs. glue-based film 
  Types of film thickness(um) Adhesive strength width (cm) Length (m)
 glue-type 30~255 6~246 (g/cm) 10~165 100~2000
  self-adhesive 15~255   3~100(g/cm) 10~165 100~2000
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